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The park “Parco delle Cascine” is the largest of Florence parks, and it stretches along the banks of the river Arno from the historical centre to the junction of the river with the Mugnone stream.

parco delle cascine firenze

The construction of Parco delle Cascine started in 1563, and initially it was a farm within the land of Alessandro and Cosimo de’ Medici, Florence ruling family. Hence the name “Cascine” from the term “cascio” which is the place where cows are milked to make butter and cheese.

The thick groove of more than 35 hectares contains various species: acacia, ailanthus, ivy, elder, pines and nettle trees. In the East part there are many limetrees and ilex trees.

Inside the “Scuola di Guerra Aerea” (Air War School) we can find a very interesting arboretum , while in the grounds of the Agiculture and Farming School a number of fruit trees and other plants are grown.

At the center of the park we can see the architecture of the Piazzale delle Cascine, a square dominated by the mansion of the grand duke on the North side and by lofty pine trees and plane trees along the border.le cascine firenze

The square called Piazza Vittorio Veneto hosts the bronze statue of King Vittorio Emanuele II, riding his horse, which marks the historical entrance to the park.

The trees along the Viale degli Olmi offer a dramatic view, with the elm tree branches forming an overhead arch.

If you need a Hotel near the Parco delle Cascine, we recommend the Hotel Select Executive in Florence, an elegant 4-star hotel fully equipped and very comfortable, for an unforgettable stay in the city of Florence.


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When in Florence, one of the things that people should miss, is to taste some of the most typical and traditional food. Italy is famous worldwide for the eno-gastronomic tradition, and the Food tour is a perfect chance, once in a lifetime experience!

The Italian espresso is the first adventure. There is no better way to understand why Italians make it so famous! There are many types of beans from which we obtain the best coffee: the Arabica, the Robusta, the Liberia and the Excelsia are the principals; but what make the Italian espresso so good it the roasting procedure. The best way to do it following Pellegrino Artusi ( a famous chef of the past) is to do it with wood and not with charcoal fire. The wood makes the beans have a more natural flavor

History, curiosity and industry behind the coffee will be presented as you never think !

florence food and wine

But someone will be more interested in wine, or cheese! And so, why don’ t experience a tasting with an expert sommelier? Tuscany is one of the most famous region for wine production and the most typical grape for that which is originally from Tuscany is the Sangiovese. This grape is the same used for the Brunello di Montalcino and Red Chianti wine, 2 of the most famous! A legend say that the name came from a Latin sentence, Sanguis Jovis, that means the blood of Jupiter.

At last but not at least, we cannot forgot the indoor San Lorenzo market ... There, people still find some of the best and fresh vegetables, meat, fruits from the Florentine country side. You can wonder around and finds some typical character. Two of them are Marco and Michele Marconcini: they own a farm just outside of Florence, they have olive trees and vineyards, so people are sure of the high quality and the origins of what they buy.

If you want to experience all of that, the only choice would be The Florence Food Walking Tour by Florence tasting! So this would be a great and educational experience for everybody, to feel like a Florentine!
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If you're looking to impress the one you love, then look no further. A romantic weekend away in beautiful Tuscany could be the perfect way to celebrate this Valentine's Day, whether you are planning to pop the question or just want to express your feelings; do it in style, in Tuscany!


Known by the Italians as 'Toscana', the area is renowned for its culture, history and stunning landscapes, as well as its wines. The capital city, Florence, is one of the most visited cities in the world, attracting more than 10 million visitors a year, who come for its culture, art and Italian way of life (as well as the pasta!).

Rent a Romantic Villa:

Why not head to Maremma, the Wild West of Italy, characterised by hot springs and stunning coastline, once home to cowboys. Rent a traditional villa in a hilltop village, with views at sunset over the surrounding vineyards and watch the tension melt away. Bring sweet treats such as Cantucci and Panforte home from the local patisseries, pecorino cheese, cold-pressed olive oil, bread and local wine and picnic on the terrace taking in the most beautiful sunset both of you have ever seen. This is guaranteed to melt even the most cynical of hearts this Valentine's Day and makes the perfect location for popping the question, if the mood strikes you!

Soak up Culture in Firenze:

Firenze, or Florence, as we know it, is the capital city of Tuscany and a mecca for art and culture lovers everywhere. The jewel in the crown of Renaissance Italy, Florence is filled with a timeless beauty that creates the perfect backdrop for your burgeoning romance. Stroll at sunset across the Ponte Vecchio, which is lined with jewellery shops, where you can buy something special for the one you love. The world's fourth-largest cathedral, Duomo, is an arresting sight, with its white, red and green marble facade. Head inside to view Michelino's Dante and his Worlds, or head to the nearby cathedral museum, where most of the artefacts are stored. Why not treat your date to a romantic chocolate and wine tasting experience at a Cioccolateria; spend an afternoon feeding each other luxurious chocolates and the most delicious Italian wines as you learn about traditional methods of making chocolate.

Indulge in a Spa Break:

Why not pamper your other half with a relaxing spa break in Bagni di Lucca, a renowned spa town which has seen visitors such as Byron and Napoleon. Relax together in a private room, experience the thermal pool whilst munching on tiny Italian sweet treats and follow this with a soothing, pampering massage. Absolutely blissful! Afterwards you can explore scenic Lucca, with its cobbled streets and medieval ambience.

Tuscany is the perfect choice to wow your loved one this Valentine's Day! Whether you choose an opulent villa break or a few days exploring the culture of Florence, the warm Italian sun and way of life will melt even the hardest of hearts! We can suggest Hotel Villa Casagrande in Figline Valdarno  in the heart of Tuscany for your Valentine's day weekend, Villa Casagrande is a Spa Hotel with a wonderful wellness area.

Della is a freelance travel writer and ex-school teacher, who discovered Tuscany whilst running school tours to the area in the early 1990s. She sadly won't be spending her Valentine's Day in Tuscany this year, unless her long-suffering husband happens to read this article and take the hint!

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Italy is a great country with great cities. Most of the places in Italy double up as tourist attraction sites due to the amazing beauty. In the heart of Tuscany there is a city known as Florence. This city is famous for its beautiful and historically significant building and centers. The transport network within Florence is very extensive with feeder roads giving accessibility to areas around and about the city.

For someone using a private jet, Florence is one of the best places you can ever visit. This is because of the privacy that this place offers to the travelers. Ranging from its collections of hotels in Florence and resorts in Tuscany to the sceneries and historical sites, Florence is just one of the enviable places you would love to visit and just marvel at what it has to offer.

The cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

This is a popular site within Florence and it has a historical tagline. For more than seven centuries it has remained standing having began in 1296. This Duomo (Cathedral) has a capacity of 20,000 people and it has such a fascinating interior made of marble. The architectural work that defines this building is evident in its elaborate doors and the statues that stand along the corners in the cathedral. History has it that the building was consecrated in 1436.
cathedral of santa maria del fiore

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In Tuscany, winter means Carnival, with parties, streets parade and colorful people with mask!

February is the month of Italian Carnival and a lot of Tuscan towns will celebrate by decorating in the streets and lots of parades with satirical wagons.
viareggio carnival
The most famous Carnival in Tuscany is the Viareggio Carnival, with four big parades throughout the entire month, and in which residents put on masks and costumes prepared in the previous months.  The first Carnival parade start on Sunday, February the 3rd at 3.00 p.m. and take place on the Viareggio seafront. Carnival 2013 in Viareggio start on February and ends up on Sunday, March 3 at 3,00 p.m. with the Award winners and the Great Fireworks show.

So if you are planning on visiting Tuscany in  February, you should not miss Carnevale di Viareggio. The town itself is very nice, with many art nouveau buildings, and a lot of locals, bars, pubs and restaurants.viareggio carnival 2013

In Tuscany there are others smaller Carnivals parades, in different tuscan town: like Carnival of Pietrasanta and the Lucca Carnival. Also in Siena there is a carnival parade that takes place in Piazza del Campo. Other smaller carnival festivals take place in every province in Tuscany, for example in Calenzano, Castiglion Fibocchi, and Santa Croce sull’Arno.

If you are planning on visiting Tuscany during Carnival an obligatory stop should be in the city of Florence, where you can find some of initiatives related to Carnival on February. In Florence city center take place the processions, from Piazza Ognissanti to Piazza della Signoria, where there is a costume contest and madrigals concert.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Tuscany or Florence during italian Carnival we can suggest Hotel Golf in Florence, a lovely hotel 3 stars near florence station and walk away from historical city center:

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