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Private air travel to Florence in your private jet provides a relaxed alternative to the hustle and bustle of standard scheduled flying and allows you to arrive with your family, friends or colleagues fresh and ready for sightseeing in the shortest possible time. The capitol city of Tuscany, Florence is located right in the middle of this beautiful countryside where tourists flock year after year to be impressed by the wonderous sights of this historically cultured and truly unique city.
Florence is one of those cities that are best explored on foot, giving you the chance to absorb the atmosphere found on the stone streets, among the local people. Providing a wealth of attractions to easily fill up a couple of days of sightseeing, this romantic city draws in couples from all over the world to confess their love to one another on the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge that runs across the River Arno, weaving through the city.

Ponte Vecchio (old bridge)
On an international level, Florence is recognised as a city that produces top quality Italian leather goods, beautiful jewellery, high fashion and a multitude of artistic craftworks. Add to this the best selection of Florence luxury hotels, vibrant restaurants and a cultural package that will keep you in and out of museums all day long and you’ll have no problem understanding why Florence is seen as a major cultural experience not to be missed.

Here are some of the top places to visit when arriving in Florence for the very first time;
One of the best places to begin your sightseeing tour is in Piazza del Duomo, where you can take in the delightful sights of the great Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, featuring the famous dome by Brunelleschi. It is well worth a look inside the Cathedral to see the inside of the dome before taking in the bronze Gates of Paradise at the Baptisery and Giottos Bell Tower which offers some of the best views across the city.

Next on our list is the political centre of Florence where you can stand in the Piazza della Signora before heading over to the governmental headquarters at the magnificent Palazzo Vecchio. From here you can easily take in the Loggia della Signora museum to look at the many beautiful statues created by Benvenuto Cellini. As you continue on your way down the Via Calzaiuoli there are plenty more photographic opportunities as you pass the admirable majesty of the Church of Orsanmichele, surrounded by several great statues that were hand crafted by some of Italy’s most famous artists, including Donatello and Verrocchio.
Firenze Duomo
For museum lovers, you will not want to miss the Uffizi Gallery which is within easy reach of the Palazzo Vecchio. House to one of the world’s biggest collection of Renaissance artwork, including the Spring and Birth of Venus by Botticelli you’ll be best advised to purchase your tickets in advance to avoid the crowds. From here you can take the Vasari Corridor to reach the famous old bridge – the Ponte Vecchio which is steeped in deep history, connecting the riverbanks at this exact location for centuries and providing the perfect location for thousands of proposals and confessions of undying love to romantic couples
Take a stroll hand in hand across the bridge before taking in the sights of the many goldsmith shops that line the streets into the Oltarno area. As you come to the great Pitti Palace you are spoilt for choice with a delightful selection of museums to visit including the Modern Art Gallery and Palatine Gallery which back onto the stunning Boboli Gardens.
From the gardens you can take a pleasant walk to the Piazza Santo Spirito to enjoy some local Tuscan food and drink with great views of the Church of Santo Spirito standing majestically tall over the square.
Santa Maria Novella
A visit to Florence would not be complete without taking in the Santa Maria Novella Church which is situated off the northern riverbank and set within a newly revived square. Complete with the magnificent Tornabuoni Chapel, this masterpiece should be on everyone’s list.

To complete your tour of the city before heading back to the comfort of your private jet, why not head on over to the square of Piazzale Michaelangelo at dusk to witness the sun setting down over the city you have just spent exploring. Set high up on a hill it’s easy to identify the amazing landmarks you have visited and makes for the perfect memorable photo opportunity.

If you are looking for a luxury Hotel in Florence city center we can suggest to book a night in Florence Hotel degli Orafi, luxury hotel 4 stars located near Signoria Square and Ponte Vecchio (old Bridge) in via Lungarno Archibusieri, 4.

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Eventi a Firenze
1927 - Il ritorno in Italia - Salvatore Ferragamo e la cultura visiva del Novecento
1927 - Il ritorno in Italia - Salvatore Ferragamo e la cultura visiva del Novecento
Dal 19/05/2017
Al 02/05/2018
Nel 2017 ricorrono novant’anni dal ritorno di Salvatore Ferragamo in Italia, nel 1927, dopo dodici anni trascorsi negli Stati Uniti. La mostra ricrea l'atmosfera culturale dell'Italia e di Firenze in quel preciso periodo storico,[...]

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