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Folk Events
Below a table summarize the major folk events, recurring every year and thus animating the life of Florence.

January 6

CARNIVAL, For ten days the roads of the city are animated by children with costumes

March 8
WOMAN’S DAY, The symbolic flower Mimosa exhibit in shops and roads

EASTER SUNDAY -  "Explosion of the Cart"
During this manifestation, dating back to the fifteenth century, in the morning of Easter Sunday, an antique cart loaded with fireworks is dragged from Porta al Prato to the Piazza del Duomo by a team of white oxen, escorted by musicians, and flag-flyers in 15th century costumes.
The cart is connected by a wire to the high altar inside the cathedral on which rests a mechanical dove (the "columbina")that carries in its beak a twig of olive-tree.
During the Gloria, the archbishop who celebrates the Solemn Mass, activates the fireworks in the columbine that speeds trough the church to ignite the cart outside.
If no incidents come to hamper the trip of the colombina the fireworks spark-off which, for Florence is omen of a year of great prosperity.

Men deposit a cricket in front of the door of their beloved one to welcome the coming of spring.

HISTORIC FOOTBALL GAME (Calcio) in costume
San John celebration 24th of june
Fireworks and flag-flyers

First two Sundays of the month with final match on June 24
Four teams compete on Saint Cross square

The first Sunday of September
Children's procession carrying papier-mâché lanterns tied to sticks, called rificolone to celebrate the Madonna whose birth is commemorated on September 7.

Suggested Hotels

Hotel Balcony
best hotel
2 stars
Hotel Balcony
Via dei Banchi 3/r
Zone: Santa Maria Novella - Palazzo Strozzi - Duomo
The Balcony Hotel is a 2-star Hotel located in the old town center of Florence

Florence Room B&B
Florence Room B&B
3 stars
B&B Florence Room
Via Fiume, 17
Zone: San Lorenzo, Fortezza da Basso, Santa Maria Novella
Florence Rooms is a new renoved B&B located in the historic center.

Hotel Giglio
3 stars
Hotel Giglio
Via Cavour, 85
Zone: San Lorenzo
Florence Hotel Giglio is located in an historic building on Via Cavour, a popular main street in the center of Florence.

Hotel Villa Stanley
4 stars
Hotel Villa Stanley
Viale XX Settembre, 200
Zone: Sesto Fiorentino
Hotel Villa Stanley is a 4 stars rated hotel, built in the main Villa with its 25 bed rooms, reception area, bar, lounge-rooms and conference halls and restaurant.

Florence Events
1927 - Return to Italy - Salvatore Ferragamo and visual culture during XXth century
1927 - Return to Italy - Salvatore Ferragamo and visual culture during XXth century
From 19/05/2017
To 02/05/2018
In 2017 falls the 90th anniversary from Ferragamo's return to Italy (1927), after 12 years in the Usa. The exhibit recreate the culturel environment of Italy and Florence in that period, showing paintings and plastic objects produced in Italy:[...]