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Caffé and Restaurants
Far from being an extensive source, this list offers to the visitor a first selection of shops restaurants and bars, characterized by special features, deeply implanted in the tradition and history of the city.

Repubblica square , 13/14
Founded at the end 18th century by the Austrian brothers Reininghaus, it was denominated by the Florentines, because of the difficulty they had to pronounce that foreign name. The name “Red Coatscame from the fact that the Viennese waiters used to wear red jackets.
In 1913 the Florentine Futurists elected it as their headquarters, where meetings of literates and Italian and foreigners artists used to take place. After the Second World War, its reputations started to decline, until 1991, when the new managers decided to attract young artists and organize meetings and cultural events.
To this date it is a center of prestigious exhibitions and national and international artistic exchange.

Repubblica square 31/35
tel:+39 055 2102360
Founded in 1846 as a beer house, it gradually became a Coffee Concert-hall, known all over the world.
Its musical evenings, animated by international artists, conferences and fashion events are famous in many countries.
Meeting point for artists and writers the Coffee Paszkowski is still today an oasis for those who look for a quiet and refined place.
The 19th century style rooms, are the ideal frame to enjoy a good cup of tea or an appetizer of the house. It is very elegant and in 1991 it has been declared National Monument.

S Lorenzo market
Faenza street, 66-68
tel: +39 055 218576
The eighteenth-century building where it has its premises where it is located -- actually tied to the board of the Ministry of cultural heritage -- was originally a shed for carriages.
It was turned into coffe shop by Mr. Sabatino Folli in 1920
Due to its location, right in the central market, the coffee was a daily meeting point for so many local dealers and for the journalists and the personnel of the newspaper “Nuovo Giornale”.
In the span of 80 years of uninterrupted management by the same family, it has always maintained the same style, with contributed to make it the ideal break from frenetic activities or shopping.

Tavolini street , 12
Tel: +39 055 216215
Opened in 1824 it was, from the outset, frequented by the greatest exponents of Italian art who left their own imprint in the decorations that still adorn it.
Some of them are worth mentioning, such as the three fanlights with scenes from the Decameron (C. Coppedè) in the main room and the paintings and writings celebrating the virtues of the table (G: Ghini) in the Saletta delle Rose.
In the fifties, the present owner added new shine to the place enriching it of the works of L. Guarnieri and P. Annigoni.
A meeting point of exponents of the Italian culture, the restaurant is also reputed for maintaining the ancient traditions of Tuscan cuisine.

CASA DEL VINO (wine house)
S. Lorenzo market
Via dell'Ariento, 16
Tel: +39 055 215609
From an old photograph that shows the typical cart that supplied wine to the shop, we can retrace the history of the place, where farmers and carters granted themselves pleasure of a good glass of local wine.
Besides the good wines tested on the spot or for purchase, the Casa del Vino is also reputed for its Tuscan croutons, its rich selection of charcuterie and assorted cheeses.
The original furniture of walnut-tree, are decorated with capitals representing clocks and floral motives.

Wine shop already "old casentino”
Dei Neri street, 17
Tel: +39 055 217411
The place, originally a wine shop at the end of the sixties, was transformed into a warm and pleasant place where one can taste Tuscan cuisine accompanied with a glass of very good wine.
Situated in the ground floor of a fifteenth-century building, the wine shop still has the aspect of the ancient wine cellar.
Shelves, for the exposure of the wines and an ample counter complete the furniture, realised by benches, tables and chairs of solid wood.


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